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“Strange things are afoot at the Circle K”

September 29, 2010

Probably my most favourite movie quote of all time (from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure). And quite applicable to my life right now. Strange things are indeed afoot.

Apparently, when my love life is in upheaval, I send out some sort of beacon to the men I’ve dated in past and they get in touch. Let’s recap:

  • Last May, M and I were having major difficulties and A texted me (and texted again just as N and I started dating)
  • July, when N was in the midst of his health scare and I wasn’t sure where we were headed, M texts

And now, when things are pretty much in the crapper with N (we’re having issues. The ball is in his court at the moment, but I’m pretty sure it won’t be volleyed back….I think that was my best analogy ever), M sends me a text yesterday. Uh huh. I thought about not responding, but I hate being ignored and would expect the courtesy of a response if I was in touch with someone, so I did. I’m not interested in seeing him again, not in a romantic way, and basically said I wasn’t in the right space right now to handle anything else. He wished me well, which I thought was nice. He said I deserved someone with no complications. I almost said “where was this advice when you were being a jerk back in May?”, but I just said thanks for the nice thoughts. Men. Honestly.

Now I just need A to text me….him, I wouldn’t mind seeing.

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