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September 28, 2010

Last night was our first knitting class. I’m taking it with my friends M1 and M2 (haha). M1 thought it would be a fun thing to do, and M2 and I agreed!

Let me just say that I have knitted before, briefly many, many years ago. And by briefly, I mean it was for a weekend; three days max. My sister and I were into it and then we got bored. But this time I hope it sticks! I have grand ambitions. I would like to one day make this:

Sweater Dress Pattern from Lion Brand

But I have a ways to go yet! Overall, it went well. Our first project is a dish cloth. I remembered casting on quite well:

45 stitches cast on (love my bamboo needles!)

And I remembered the Knit stitch with ease, but the Purl stitch tripped me up. When I made my second row of stitches, I ended up with 10 extra. I created my own stitch! So I started over and by the end of the class, had this:

Not the prettiest, but a solid first time effort! A couple of rows had an extra stitch, which I just knitted together and I think I kept messing up the order of stitches. It was supposed to be knit one, purl one, but I probably skipped a few or did two knits in a row or something. I actually ended up dropping a stitch at one point, so there’s a hole in my knitting:

Hola hole!

You can see how the stitches sort of lose it to the left of the hole. Ah well!

I will do some practicing, pull it apart and start over so it’s a little more neat. That’s the beauty of knitting!

If I really get into the swing of it, prepare to receive C made goods for x-mas 🙂

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