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Here’s an idea

September 21, 2010

You know what would be awesome? If I could present a dating rule book, or better yet, a dating contract, to every guy I start dating. Wouldn’t it be a whole lot easier if we set out the terms ahead of time, so there’s no confusion and everyone’s needs are met?


1. Guy shall return girl’s calls/texts/emails within a 12 hour period.

2. Girl will not pursue guy, giving him his space.

3. If either party feels they are no longer interested in the other, the party in question shall notify their date in a mature, responsible manner and will not ignore them hoping they’ll just ‘get the hint’.

4. Guy will listen to girl’s feelings and not jump to conclusions or take that to mean she’s blaming him in any way.

If only such a contract wouldn’t drive the men away. If only.

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