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Netbook, yes? no?

September 10, 2010

I’m testing out my sister’s netbook, to see if it’s something I could get used to. I’ve been researching them the past few days, and I think I might buy one! Why?

Well, I’ve been endeavoring to improve myself and be interested in more things besides reading. I’m starting that knitting class I mentioned in a couple of weeks, but I need something else that I will love doing. What do I love (besides watching movies and TV)?

I love writing. I love words and putting them together to express feeling, thoughts and experiences. This blog is one of my great pleasures, but I’m wondering if I can go beyond that a bit, perhaps write articles for publication or even a book! It can’t hurt to try. I have a very overactive imagination and it’s clear that my thoughts are rarely still. I always have something to say. Plus, in times of anxiety, I find it very cathartic to write down my thoughts in an effort to control the crazy that can be C, and during the train ride in, without the distraction of driving, my thoughts are often out of control! I do keep a private journal for the more, um, colourful expressions and it would be nice to have access to it during those crazy times.

So I want to write more. Sweet. My dream would to be a full time writer, but that pesky thing called money becomes an issue. I can’t do something full time I’m not paid for (well, not as a single woman living on my own I can’t). I can’t quit my day job and so arise two questions: when to write and how do I go about doing it?

First, time. My evenings are spent winding down from the day, and I have a hard enough time getting what I need to do in the short amount of time I have between getting home and going to bed. Cook, clean, work out, see family and friends, date. I don’t want to become a hermit!

So I thought long and hard and realized that there are two hours of the day where I could easily spend my time writing: during my commute. Most days I take the train, and I’m on it for about an hour each way (it’s not an hour trip but I’m usually sitting on the train for a bit before it leaves the station). Perfect! The question of time is solved! Now the question of how to write, or to be more specific, what to write on.

I have a laptop, and I love her (her name is Ruby. She’s red), but she’s bulky for carrying back and forth. I did a little browsing online looking at smaller laptops, but they’re quite pricey. Then I discovered netbooks. A netbook is a very small laptop, with a screen only about 10 inches wide. Who knew? I love technology but apparently I’m not quite up on netbooks.

The ones I’ve been looking at come with a basic operating system, wireless access (and I can tether my iphone to the computer to access the internet when there is no wifi…see? I know technology!), Microsoft Works (which has a word processer compatible with Word) and a few other features. and for under $300!! Genius! I don’t need anything fancy. Just something small and portable I can use to pursue something I love. The expense is completely justified! And who knows, maybe I’ll sell something as a result! You never know 🙂

I think I’ve managed to convince myself that it’s something I could definitely use. Future Shop, here I come!

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