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2 a.m.

September 10, 2010

I had the worst sleep. My mind was all a flutter and I couldn’t settle down until around three. Painful. It’s partly hormonal and partly just the uncertainty of things in my life right now. Hopefully it’ll pass soon!

It was funny though, being awake in the wee hours of the morning. I saw a side of my kitty I rarely see. I’m not sure if it was because I was awake and wired, so she was awake and wired, but she got her second wind around 2am and went a little crazy for half an hour. Maybe she’s like that normally. Who knows! But it was entertaining.

Here’s how it went down:

02:00 – Feeder goes off. Kitty flies off the bed to get her early morning snack (it goes off every four hours, just little dribbles of food to keep her satisfied, which she never is)

02:02 – Food has been inhaled and I can hear her pawing at the machine for the next few minutes to try and get just a few more kernals to fall out (she actually broke her last machine, breaking the nozzle right off with the force of her paws!)

02:05 – Kitty comes back upstairs to my room, yelling at me to give her more food. She hops up and attempts to rouse me with head butts, but I play dead and don’t respond.

02:07  – Realizing I’m not going to feed her (which I haven’t done in three years, since I got the machine, but she won’t give up trying), and disturbed by my constant tossing and turning, she jumps off to find her next adventure

02:12 – 02:20 – the next adventure is the spare bath. She hops into the bathtub and proceeds with Act I of her tumbling performance. Thump, thump, thump, I hear as she rolls around, chasing her tail.

02:20 – The tail could not be conquered, so she moves on again. This time she flicks her ball around a couple times. Eh, boring.

02:21 -Next up, a trek under my bed, where she discovers something (loose threads? Fingers crossed it was nothing creepy crawly) to paw and scratch at. I can feel the vibrations as she attacks.

02:24 – Time to visit mamma again. But not time to settle yet! That tail still needs a bit more chasing, so she performs Act II of her tumbling routine, rolling around my bed, all over me

02:30 – Finally, she’s exhausted and settles down against my legs for a quick bath before lying down to sleep. If only it was that easy!

From a few years ago. Aw, she cute

Happy Friday y’all!

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