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August 30, 2010

B and I have decided that ‘Booya’ needs to come back into everyday vocabulary. It’s such a fun word!

I had a fairly good weekend. I designated Saturday to be ME day. I got up and mowed my lawn (not for ME really, but I didn’t want to look like white trash anymore) and worked out!! It’s been ages since I’ve worked out and I was long overdo. It felt so good to work up a good sweat. I then got myself ready and headed off to Yorkdale. That was definitely for ME!

My main purpose for going was to visit Victoria’s Secret, which just opened on Thursday. I’ve been waiting YEARS for it to come here! They have the best bras (for my C cups at least). There was a small line up to get in (I only had to wait 5 minutes) and then lingerie heaven! It’s a lovely store, though so busy it was awkward to move through. I picked up some undies and a bra. Luckily I already had that style and didn’t need to try it on because the change rooms were ridiculously busy! If you’ve been to the store in the US, then it’s nothing spectacular but I just love knowing it’s there and I don’t have to wait to go to the States to buy bras anymore! Booya! (see? Fun!)

After VS, I spent another three hours wandering the mall. I had a great time! I picked up a few sweaters (one from H & M needs to go back…I didn’t try it on and found out when I got home it has puffy shoulders. Um, no) and tried on a ton of stuff. The thing I love about Yorkdale is that it is a tiered shopping system. Let me explain:

Tier 1 – you have the really super expensive stores. The ones I love to browse and dream about but can never buy from. That would be Coach, Michale Kors, Hold Renfrew etc.

Tier 2 – what I call the staple stores. They are a little pricier (around $50-100 or more for most things) and here I pick up classic items I want to last for awhile. Lucky Brand, Banana Republic, Gap, Aritzia, Mexx etc.

Tier 3 – these are the less expensive stores where you can pick up some staples for less, and also more trendy things you don’t want to spend a fortune on. Smart Set, Old Navy, H & M all make the list.

And did I mention the sheer number of shoe stores?? Browns, Town Shoes, Nine West, Feet First and numerous others! No other mall can compare!

I heart Yorkdale.

The funniest part of my ME day at Yorkdale though, was my lunch at Starbucks. Here I am, trying to have some time to myself, to escape the boy stress of the past few weeks. I didn’t want to think about when he’ll call or how things went wrong. I just wanted to be zen. So I grab my tall Americano and tuna melt and sit down to do my daily Sudoku on my phone. I’m in coffee bliss until I start to pick up snippets of conversations around me:

To my left: the newlywed couple who have just bought their first home. “We’ve only been married for four months! You’re a great husband!” (puke)

To my right: a pair of girlfriends discussing the men in their life, evaluating and interpreting every move they’ve made recently (hmm, sounds familiar)

To the front of me: An engaged couple meeting with the photographer for their upcoming wedding.

Is there no escape for me? I was surrounded with the varying stages of relationships. Dating, engagement, marriage. And then there was me, single and in limbo about the state of MY man situation.

Well hopefully I won’t be in limbo much longer! I did hear from N yesterday, just a quick text conversation saying hi and we should talk soon. I agreed and pretty much left the ball in his court to get in touch again. I’m not going to chase him and I’m being patient. I’m quite proud of myself! This is the first time ever that I’ve actually followed through with my pledge to give the guy space and let him get in touch with me. And it worked! I have no idea what he wants to talk about, whether it’s to discuss our recent happenings that prompted this need for space, or whether he’s going to let me down easy and say things won’t work out. Regardless, I’ll know one way or another soon. I of course hope that we can work things out, and I like to think he wouldn’t be in touch if he wasn’t interested still, but you never know. Men are a mystery.


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