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August 26, 2010

I was off today. I don’t mean off from work, I mean off physically and mentally. I took a sleeping pill to help me fall asleep last night and I should know better than to take one on a weeknight, because drugs stay in my system way longer than they say on the package (good thing I never did the hard stuff growing…who knows what the effect would have been!). So I was completely exhausted and quite confused getting ready this morning. I’m not even sure if I put on deodorant when getting dressed.

I dragged through the day, though I surprisingly got a lot of work done. I just felt blah while doing it.  I feel a bit better this evening, knowing that tomorrow is Friday, plus I just had a nice visit with my sister who came over, sans baby  (I shall see her tomorrow night for dinner at my parents).

I don’t really have much to say about anything else going on. I’m just being patient and taking a break. To be clear, I’m not waiting around. Even if I knew for sure N and I are done, I’d still be taking a break from dating. I’m giving myself until the end of September to regroup and then I’ll get back on the horse! I hope the horse won’t have to be ridden, but I’m not ruling it out and am prepared to get back in the saddle.

And I”m done with the horse analogies.

Hope everyone has a great night and TGIF!!

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