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Aside from that

August 23, 2010

Well, aside from my issues with N, I had a busy weekend!

Friday night I ended up at my friend’s house for a spontaneous BBQ! There’s a small group of us from high school that still hang out and it was just what I needed to distract me. That and a bottle of wine 🙂 Luckily, she lives around the corner! My usual 30 second walk doubled as I stumbled home. I haven’t had that much to drink in a very long time and let’s just say the end result wasn’t pretty.

I woke up Saturday morning feeling rough, but not as bad as it could have been. I vegged for a bit, then got ready and headed over to my sister’s to run errands and then watch CJ while she and her hubby were out. CJ and I managed to grab a quick cat nap together (literally together, she was lying on my chest and I leaned back on the couch) and then had a grand time eating supper and tooting around the living room! She’s pulling herself up and standing against the furniture, babbling away as she does it. We got a little grumpy around bed time, but luckily momma came home just in time and all was well!

Yesterday was laundry day, which meant I was tied to the house. I didn’t really mind though, since it was a gloomy day and  perfect for the couch and I to get caught up. I watched Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, then Last of the Mohichans. After my four loads of wash were done (how can one person generate so much laundry? oh. Could be because I don’t do it every week), I headed over to my parents for dinner. They’re hooked on reading James Rollins books as well, and have a few I haven’t read, so I’ve borrowed Sandstorm, which is the first book in a series he’s written with recurring characters. So far, it’s excellent! Non-stop action! I came home after dinner (scalloped potatoes, ham, corn on the cob, and dash and dish pudding for dessert) and read some more until True Blood came on. This season is ok. I’m not a fan of how much they’re deviating from the books. I know they can’t follow the story lines exactly, but they could at least TRY and stay true to it.

Tonight I’ll catch up on watching last night’s episode of Mad Men. Last weeks’ episode introduced me to my new favourite word: Swellegant. Someone who looks swell and elegant. Love.

Anyways, I’m getting through and trying to live my life. I’m not going to let this thing with N get me down. Well, not completely down. A little down is ok. Hopefully we’ll resolve things, but if we don’t I know it wasn’t because of anything I’ve done and I tried my best to work it out.

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