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Weekend wrap-up

August 16, 2010

Eat, Pray, Love was good. Not stellar or life-changing (at least, not for me), but good. There were some good reminders in there about creating your own happiness, and living life as you want to live it, not how others want you to.

My favourite line and something that particularly struck home for me came during the ‘Love’ portion of the movie, in Bali:

“To lose balance sometimes for love is part of living a balanced life.”

This will be my new mantra. My quest for love has been nothing if not un-balanced, a quality I’m not completely comfortable with, but have had to learn to deal with over the past year. I can’t control love. It’s not going to be a smooth ride to find it and I shouldn’t expect it to be. In fact, I’m pretty sure that considering the ease with which everything else in my life has come to me, that falling in love and finding ‘the one’ will be the complete opposite of ease. I’m going to have to work for it!

On a similarly related note (in the area of personal development), I’ve been thinking lately about my hobbies and interests. My greatest enjoyment is found in reading, but I’ve been thinking that I need to expand on the things I like to do. But what? I’m pretty honest with myself about what I do and do not like to do. I’m a very low-key woman. I do not need a lot to entertain me. I’m usually quite happy just sitting and relaxing (that was something they focused on in the ‘Pray’ portion of the movie, in India. The ability to clear your head and just be. I EXCEL at that!!). Plus, there are realistic limitations I have to consider:

  • I’m not really into group activities or sporting things. I’m not a fan of competing, and even if it’s supposedly for ‘fun’, there’s still an element of competition, ESPECIALLY if there are any men playing. Besides, I don’t like having balls coming at me.
  • I can’t afford the gym, and why would I shell out the money when I have an elliptical trainer in my basement?
  • I’m not a fan of yoga. It hurts my wrists and does NOT make me feel good.
  • I like hiking and nature, but I’m not comfortable going out on my own (safety first!), and the reality is I spend a lot of time on my own, at least right now.
  • I love traveling, but that’s an expensive hobby. Even taking a day trip somewhere is a tank of gas, and I’m on a budget.
  • I enjoy cooking, but time is a factor. As is the fact that I’m cooking for one. And again, money plays a role. Buying ingredients for specific recipes can be costly!
  • I love writing, and would love to attempt a book, but time is lacking. By the time I get home and eat and work out (if I have the energy for it), it’s almost time for bed. Weekends are spent catching up with friends and family. So unless I want to become a true hermit (no thanks), I’ll use this blog as an outlet for the time being.
  • I get enough culture with my job and don’t usually endeavor to enrich myself further outside of the workplace. Kind of like playing in your own back yard.

I worked through all of these things and I was at a loss for something new.

It was a bit serendipitous then that a girlfriend asked if a few of us would be interested in learning to knit. There’s a class offered one night a week for two months in the next town over, and it’s under $100 for the course. So I’m going to do it!  I’ve tried knitting before, and couldn’t stick with it, but maybe taking a class will help me focus. And at least there’s something tangible that will come out of it (hopefully in the form of a scarf)! I’m not an overly crafty person and am not good at creating things from scratch, but if there’s a pattern to follow (and knitting follows patterns), I’m all set! It starts the end of September, and I’ll keep you posted on how it works out. Maybe I’ll try to knit a toque!

The rest of Sunday I spent reading, after stopping at Loblaws for groceries and to exchange a shirt I bought a few weeks ago (I forget that I’m a size smaller there).  I read Ice Hunt by James Rollins (of course!), which I finished before going to sleep last night. Sigh. Sometimes I wish I didn’t read so fast.

I made an awesome supper last night! I mixed together the following:

Swiss Chard - satueed in olive oil with garlic

Olivieri Nutriwise Five Cheese Tortellini

Europe's Best Mediterranean Diced Delight

Presiden'ts Choice Crumbled Goats Milk Feta Cheese

Add a little olive oil, and voila! A fabulous, healthy pasta dish, of which I had a TON of leftovers and it was super easy to make. It was even better leftover today for lunch. See? I like to cook!

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