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August 10, 2010

Once again, technology has failed me. Big time.

There is nothing more I hate than mis-communication due to the random ineptness of telecommunications. My super happy outlook for this past weekend, where I would get to see N was waylaid by my texts and phone calls (and voice messages) not getting through. Until TODAY!!! I’ve been so worried and stressed that something was wrong, that maybe he needed space for some reason or another (or that he wasn’t interested anymore, but that was a fleeting thought), when he didn’t respond to my messages over the weekend,  but the reality is that he didn’t get them. I can’t imagine what he thought! It made me a little nuts when I found out (he texted me last night and I got the impression he hadn’t received them), because next to the above hatred of mis-communication, I hate the thought of someone thinking I”m ignoring them. I would NEVER, EVER do that to someone, because I absolutely hate it when I’m ignored.

It obviously wasn’t the fault of either of us. All is well, we’re clear on what happened and hopefully I’ll talk to him tonight and see him soon (he’s working late the next two nights). Whew. Crisis averted!

Cheese and Toast. We have to be destined for greatness, because there’s no way we’ve made it through the past few weeks without something absolutely fabulous coming out of it as a result!

The great thing is that despite the fact that there was a huge misunderstanding, I’m happy with how I handled it. When I didn’t hear from him, ya, I was upset, but I didn’t call or text him incessantly. I recognized (wrongly it seems, but whatever! What could I have done?) that he needed his space and was prepared to give him that. I even had a plan in place to call him in a week with a ‘hey, how are you feeling’ kind of message. I was willing to give him that time, trusting that it wasn’t me that he was getting away from, but that he just needed to get better. Last night I put my phone on vibrate and kept it downstairs so I wasn’t listening for it. I feel like that’s a good sign for my personal development. Yay C!

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