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Sites I love right now

August 6, 2010

I have a standard list of websites I visit on a daily basis. There is nothing I love more than gathering information. A lot of them are partnered with each other, so sometimes content overlaps, but they’re fun and entertaining. Check ’em out!

  • Lemondrop – From what I understand, this site is geared towards women in their 20’s, but I’m still close enough to that decade to enjoy enjoy it! Entries range from relationship and dating advice, to pop culture tidbits, to random happenings in the world.
  • FitSugar – Actually, all of the Sugar sites are worth a visit (linked through this site), but this is the one I check out most often. Tons of hints and tips on healthy living.
  • Your Tango – This one is geared towards relationships, dating and sex.
  • The Stir by Cafe Mom – I generally weed through the baby/kid advice to get to the more interesting posts on relationships, random world events etc., but given how many kids are in my life at the moment (even if they’re not my own), I do browse through to pick up tidbits for the future!
  • The Sweetspot – A Canadian site, you can find all sorts of interesting things on here. One of my favourite bloggers writes a column called The Price of Love.
  • The Frisky – Similar to Lemondrop where you can find advice/articles on all sorts of topics, I primarily focus on the relationships section. My favourite blogger is Dater X. Run a search and her articles will appear. It’s like we’re the same person!
  • GuySpeak – This is one of the funniest sites ever! Readers ask questions about men, and actual men respond. Their answers are hilarious but also enlightening. There are also blog posts by the men who answer the questions on random topics. Love it!
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