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Dating tool?

August 5, 2010

I had a random guy send me a message on Facebook yesterday. Just a “Hi C———, Nice to meet you”. Weird. Even weirder was that his profile picture was a plate of food (???). We had no friends in common; no discernible ANYTHING in common actually. I could flatter myself and say he thought I was hot, but you can’t see my face in my profile pic right now, so that’s out. Really weird.


Even if I wasn’t involved with/dating/excited about/seeing N (our relationship isn’t exactly defined), I don’t think that I would go so far as to use Facebook as a dating tool. It just seems way too personal, especially since you can actually access my personal information if I add a person as a friend. I prefer the somewhat anonymous aspect of actual dating sites, leaving Facebook purely for friends. Until I’m in a serious relationship with someone, I won’t even consider becoming friends with that person on FB. N is on there, but I haven’t even tried to add him as a friend (though I confess to checking out his profile, which sadly, is private. Darn!).

I did once have a guy I was semi-interested in (we eyeballed each other at a wedding) contact me, and we had brief conversation attempts (seriously, why contact me if not to get to know me?), and I did add him as a friend, but it didn’t work out and became a bit weird. Especially since he’s friends with my friend.

No, if I ever go back online (and I’m praying to every God imaginable that things work out with N and I won’t have to), it’ll be to one of my familiar dating sites, where no one knows me but me. Except for that one guy who contacted me on Plenty of Fish that I went to high school with.


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