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Every weekend should be a long weekend

August 3, 2010

Two days just doesn’t cut it anymore. I propose that if you hit the age of 30, you should be awarded three-day weekends. Add another day when you hit 40, another at 50 etc…consider it a gradual retirement. Sadly, North America doesn’t place emphasis on our quality of life. All it cares about is how many hours they can gouge out of it.

And ho, that was quite the pessimist statement for a Tuesday morning! Let’s focus on the highlights from my long weekend:

Despite being under the weather, Saturday morning I woke up, got myself together and headed up to B’s cottage for the day. It was my Godson J’s 2nd birthday on Sunday and they were throwing him a little shindig. I considered staying home, since I wasn’t feeling well, but I needed an outing to take my mind off all the hoopla from the last couple of weeks. The drive up was lovely, and so was the party. J is such a funny, awesome kid! He’s definitely a little boy, destroying things he’s built and playing in the dirt. Love it!

I headed home and honestly don’t remember what I did Saturday night. I just crashed. Sunday I woke up and was feeling much better. I decided to have a ME day. It was also, as I mentioned in my last post, a day of no communication with N (more on that in a bit) and I felt good about that decision. I did some low key chores, tidying up here and there, vacuuming etc. I managed to take FIVE bags of clothing to the Goodwill that have been hanging around for months. Literally, months. Since I still wasn’t feeling top notch, I recruited my Dad to come mow my lawn (weeds) for me, and he did an awesome job, even trimming my plants in my garden for me. I heart my dad.

Around six on Sunday I had a bath, put on my jammies and settled in with a slice of pizza to watch some movies. On the docket: Hot Tub Time Machine and Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

Hot Tub Time Machine stars the ever adorable John Cusack as an aging insurance agent who is transported back in time with some friends to the 80’s. It was a cute movie, with some really funny moments. A lot of cheesy moments too, but I was in the mood for some cheese.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians was awesome! I LOVE adventure movies, and especially love it when superpowers are involved. Super fun! I wish Kevin Kidd (the cutie redhead from Rome and Grey’s Anatomy) had been in it more though. Yum.

While I was watching Hot Tub Time Machine, I had a text from N. He’s gone away for a few days. Where, I have no idea. He didn’t say, and that’s ok. I said to get in touch when he’s back.  I have this new resigned attitude. Whatever happens, happens. I’ll do everything  I can to make sure he knows I’m here and that I’m not going anywhere, but I can’t force things.

Yesterday morning I woke up with that attitude and felt good. I headed over to my sister’s to spend time with her and CJ. We popped over to the mall (whatever happened to things being closed on holidays??), puttered there for a bit, had lunch and headed home. I went home and continued reading a book I bought on Friday night, Subterranean by James Rollins. My mom recommended his books, saying they’re across between Dan Brown and Clive Cussler. It was an awesome adventure story, complete with a storyline about a historical mystery (my favourite kind). I finished reading it just in time to watch The Bachelorette and then it was off to bed with a migraine! Yuck.

This morning I woke up, turned on my phone and discovered a text from N from the night before. And my faith is restored! I know he’s still there and thinking about me, even though he’s dealing with so much right now. That’s all I can expect and I’m coming to terms with it. All I can do is keep letting him know I’m here and that I’m not going anywhere. So far, that’s the right thing to do. He’ll come to me when he’s ready.

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