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Worry free

July 21, 2010

Last week I had my yearly physical and dutifully had my blood work done and the obligatory ‘pee-in-the-cup’ maneuver. Yesterday at lunch, my doctor’s office called. There was an issue with my pee work up and the doctor wanted my to come in as soon as possible.

After a painfully long wait, and worrying all afternoon, I got into see her and within 5 minutes was back out the door, prescription in hand for antibiotics to treat another bladder infection. Who knew?? I have no symptoms.

So here’s my problem: there has to be a better way for doctor’s to get you in to discuss test results without causing worry. And I was worried. I had no symptoms, so a bladder infection wasn’t on my mind. And really, is a bladder infection so horrible you can’t tell the patient that on the phone??? I think there should be a mandatory follow up appointment for all test results, regardless of whether anything is wrong. That way, you get there knowing you were going to be there one way or another and not worry ahead of time.

Cheese and toast. Anyways, antibiotics have been started and are doing a bit of a number on my tummy (she feels sick. bleh) but not as bad as the last ones. Shudder.

I saw N last night! Finally! It’s been a week since we last got together and I missed him. We had dinner (I BBQ’d) and watched a movie. Not Shutter Island as previously planned, because it was too long and he had to leave at 9:30 for a conference call at 10pm (I KNOW! But it’s his job. What can ya do?).

I think we’re doing well! Going slow, but that’s a good thing. It’s only been two weeks. No need to know more right now than what I do, and what I do know is that he’s into me, as I am into him.  My anxiety is at a minimum (if there at all), so something is going right, otherwise I’d be panicking. I’m trying very hard not to text too much or push for when we’ll see each other again. I do text him first sometimes during the day, but I don’t think he has a problem with it and it’s nothing more than a ‘how’s your day’ type of thing. He knows I don’t like to play hard to get and it hasn’t turned him off yet!

Continue to keep your fingers crossed!

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