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July 20, 2010

Once a month, like clockwork, there is a 24 hour period of time where I’m incredibly sad. It’s totally hormonal and varies in intensity, but it happens and I’ve come to recognize it. Yesterday’s bout was pretty bad. It started on Sunday, almost like a switch turning on. One minute I’m happy, the next I feel like crying and there is absolutely no reason for it.  It carried through into yesterday and I actually had to leave work early, I was feeling so awful.

I managed to get myself home (confession: I had McDonald’s at Union Station thinking it would make me feel better. It didn’t), and took a little nap. When I woke up at 4:30, the switch had turned off and I was feeling grand again!

I gathered myself together and headed over to my sister’s for dinner and to spend time with CJ. Also there were my sister’s nephew’s, C and S. S is only a few months old and is so adorable! He’s a little butterball turkey, he’s so rolly polly. It’s amazing how much they develop in such a short amount of time. It wasn’t that long ago that CJ was just lying there doing nothing. Now she’s about to propel herself forward and start crawling!

I got home around 10, watched an episode of Mad Men S3 (I just finished episode 9) because I wasn’t tired enough to sleep yet, then went to bed.

I was supposed to see N last night, but his baseball schedule got mixed up and his games were later than he thought. He called me around 11:30 and we made plans to see each other tonight for sure! We’re going to watch Shutter Island, (Yummy Leo) which he assures me is NOT scary like the previews show it to be. I’ve heard good things about it, so hopefully I won’t get scared. And yes, I know I’m 32, but I still get freaked out. At least I’m not watching it alone! I attempted to watch I Am Legend by myself and had to turn it off and call my Dad, I was so freaked out! Granted, I was watching it just as the sun was setting, which is when the zombie creatures come out. I think my fears were completely justified, haha!

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