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Wednesday stuff

July 14, 2010

It’s Wednesday. I’m EXHAUSTED but in a good way, because….I had a lovely late night visit with N 🙂 (Update: And by lovely I don’t mean what you THINK I mean! Honestly. Dirty minds!)

So even though I had very little sleep, it’s a good tired feeling because things seem to be going well with him. I really enjoy being with him and it appears the feeling is mutual! How refreshing!  I look forward to keep getting to know him, because so far, I’m loving what I’m learning. He’s just a great guy.

I’m hoping to see him again before Friday, because L and I head up to B’s cottage for the weekend. It’s B’s b-day on Saturday and we’re having some girly time together! I can’t wait to just float in the water with a drink in my hand. I’m hitting up the liquor store tonight to try and find something fun and fruity. Yum. I want to try and be careful with my eating though. I have a tendency to eat a lot when at the cottage (fresh air? illusion of vacation? who knows why) but I’m at a nice place with my weight right now and don’t want to go overboard, especially since my hormones are about to get all up in my grill.

In other health related news, I had my physical yesterday (always a good time) and she informed me I most likely have Raynaud’s. I often have super cold hands and feet, to the extent that my feet take on a bluish tinge. I have a mild case and hopefully it will stay that way, but if it worsens there is medication to take. How does one get Raynaud’s? It’s most likely hereditary, since my mom has it too. Super

Happy Wednesday people!

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