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Holy Heat Wave Batman!!

July 5, 2010

If you’re not in Ontario at the moment, consider yourself lucky! It was freakin’ 45 degrees celcius with the humidex today. Just being outside, not even doing anything, was exhausting. Thank God for air conditioning. Those of you who are here, I hope you had some cool solace from the heat today! Drink lots of water!

What’s on the horizon this week for C? Funny you should ask. You know about the two dates, but have I mentioned there may be a third? With another guy? I KNOW! Seriously. I must have been putting out some good vibes online over the past few days. This guy I was chatting with way back when (I don’t even remember when) got in touch. We never ended up meeting and I can’t remember why. It took me forever to actually remember his name! But I did and he asked me out, so we might go out on Saturday.

Let’s recap: I have a date tomorrow night, a date Wednesday night and a possible date on Saturday. All I need now is for A to get in touch…haha!

On a similarily related note, I’ve discussed how much I dislike texting as a form of communication when it comes to dating. I only like it if it’s a brief message to let someone know you’re thinking of them. Fine. But have I mentioned how I also dislike instant messaging? It does make sense, but what gets me is how much guys seem to rely on it to get to know someone. I feel like the art of dating has been lost. Whatever happened to asking for a girls number? I feel like IM is just the easy way out and I’m not easy…well….maybe a bit 🙂

C’s reasons why instant messaging sucks:

  • it’s impersonal
  • there is no expression
  • you’re not the sole focus – the guy can be carrying on countless other conversations with countless other women at the same time
  • most people who IM (in my experience) aren’t articulate, cannot write in full sentences, use proper grammar or spell correctly
  • I’m not your friend dude! I’m a potential girl you want to date and I deserve more than conversing through a computer!!

What bothers me is that it’s the first thing guys ask now, and when I say I don’t use it (which is the honest to God truth), they are put off. I’ve had some guys accuse me of pretending I don’t have it and others of wasting their time. I just never caught on to the whole MSN or Yahoo Chat deal. I prefer face to face conversations. I barely even talk on the phone!

Anyways, not ALL guys are put off by my preference, thankfully. And I know the right guy for me isn’t going to care one way or the other.

OMG, I’m just watching the Bachelorette and Frank is such a wuss. I want Chris or Roberto to win!! At least they’re men. Ya, Chris cried but he was talking about his mom dying, not the fact that he still lives with his parents (that’s you Frank!!!).

This post has no clear focus. I’m super tired and can’t transition right now. And with that, I’ll sign off!

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