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Holiday Happenings

July 3, 2010

This has turned out to be a four day weekend o’ relaxation. I haven’t done much in the way of housework or gardening, but there’s still tomorrow (I don’t see much happening in those areas today either)!

Canada Day I woke up and immediately put on Mad Men S2. It’s currently playing on Rogers On Demand, and having finished S1 a few weeks ago, I’ve been DYING to see the next season. It’s such an addicting show! The women are treated horribly, the men are cads who drink too much, smoke too much and have affairs willy nilly, but the characters are endearing. Jon Hamm is HOT. Smokin’.

Then I had lunch, got myself put together and headed over to my parents to continue my lounging . I picked up a few trashy magazines at Shoppers, and settled in on the deck to relax. The weather was brilliant, not too hot and a nice breeze to cool things down when the sun got intense.

My mom made us dinner (my dad is away on business) and then she and I headed off to the movies! We saw Knight and Day, which overall was an entertaining movie. Tom Cruise may be creepy in real life, but he’s still an entertaining actor. And cute. It was a fun, no thinking spy movie, with many cheesy moments, but I don’t mind that. I would recommend it if you’re looking for fun.

Then I headed home to watch more Mad Men and headed off to bed.

Friday morning I woke up and finished up Mad Men (once I’m watching something, I can’t stop). It was actually a good show to watch while I was on the elliptical, because it kept my attention focused. Once done (I have to get S3 now!!) I made lunch, got ready and headed off downtown to do a little shopping at the Eaton Centre before meeting up with my good friend A from Winnipeg.

So shopping. I’m looking for a dress to wear to the wedding I’m going to in a few weeks. It’s not going well. All my normal ‘go-to’ stores for dresses (RW and Co, Smart Set, Tristan) don’t have any appealing styles. I don’t go for huge, bright floral prints, which there seem to be a lot of this year. I also don’t go for the super trendy styles, which don’t particularly fit me,

someone with boobs, hips and an ass, well. I like the more classic styles, but those are hard to find and if I do find them, they’re super expensive. Sigh. I’ll find something.

Tried this on at RW and Co, but while the lower portion fit well, the bodice was too loose and they didin't have a smaller size.

By the time I was getting exhausted from trying things on, A called letting me know she had arrived! So I headed over to their hotel to meet up. Yay! It was soooo awesome to see her! The last time we got together was over a year ago, when S and I were together (she was one of few people who met him). With her hubby P (haha, A & P, get it??) and their adorable daughter Izzy, we headed over to Mr. Greenjeans (kid friendly) for supper. I had the pad thai, but it wasn’t that great. After dinner we went back to the hotel and I had a date with P in the lobby cafe while A put adorable Izzy to bed. So cute. “Can C give me a kiss?” she said before she went to bed. Break. My. Heart.

A came down once the little one was asleep and she and I headed out for some quality time! We hit up Milestones for a bellini and dessert. Well, dessert for me. I had their Butterscotch Pot de Creme. Double yum. We chatted about this, that and the other. Before she lived in Winnipeg, A was in Pickering. She and I met 14 years ago (holy crap) at a high school archaeology course and after I got over her innate weirdness, we hit it off completely! I miss her terribly and am so happy we had a chance to catch up. We left Milestones to try another place but before we headed out I hit up the washroom, where I found this super creepy display:

Ken dolls (and one Barbie) dressed up and posed, displayed in plexi boxes on the wall. Super weird.

We were in Dundas Square, where there’s always a lot going on, including a little Farmer’s Market type place, which was actually less food and more trinkets. There was a band playing music, but it was super loud so we headed down Yonge Street a bit and popped into the 3P brewery for a pint. We got a stellar seat right on the street so we could people watch while we chatted. I had a 1/2 pint of red, which tasted kind of like flowers and A tried their sampler:

While we were chatting, I all of a sudden hear my name. I turn around and it’s my friend M from high school and her hubby, S (haha, S & M!! I’m on a roll!). They were walking up the street, and since we were sitting near the open window front, they saw me sitting there. I NEVER see people I know anywhere, so that was kind of fun. We are going to go to see Eclipse once our other friend is back from vacation. It’s kind of a tradition we started with New Moon.

After our beers, we walked around the block to make sure I was ok to drive (I was) and A and I parted at the car park. Tear. It’s never easy saying goodbye to such a great friend, someone who means so much to you, but she’s has a great life in Winnipeg and I’m so happy for her. We’ll see each other again…if only Porter Airlines flew to Winnipeg! So much cheaper than Air Canada.

While we were meeting, I was arranging my date tonight. How fun! He seems like a nice guy, so we’ll see.

Anyways, it’s 10am and I have no ambition to do anything today other than get ready for my date (we’re meeting at 7pm). I might see my sister and CJ at some point when they’re back from their friend’s trailer. I might pop out and pick up a new top to wear tonight (I think I’m going to wear my new wedges I got last week! The red and white ones? Cute). Who knows! The world is my oyster. I was going to work out but I think I’ll take a break today, since I worked out Thursday and Friday. It’s good to space it out 🙂

And there’s still a whole other day off tomorrow! Whee! Back to work on Monday though. Sigh. This is the point where I wish I’d become a teacher so I could have the summer off. But I’m not about to start a new career now. Back to school?? No thanks!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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  1. July 4, 2010 11:32 pm

    I’m so happy you got over my “innate weirdness” and that I got over you not opening your mouth and staring at me with wide, innocent, frightened eyes.

  2. According To C permalink*
    July 5, 2010 12:00 pm

    Your innate weirdness was just more visible than mine. Once I got over the shock of someone actually being themselves, I let my kookiness free!

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