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Good or bad: poutine at 4am

June 27, 2010

I had an awesome night!

I had two bachelorette parties last night. The first involved dinner at the Port in Pickering. Yum. For an appetizer, my sister and I shared a goat cheese concoction. Goat cheese mixed with herbs and pecans spread on crisps. Dinner was linguine in a wine reduction with tomatoes, toasted pine nuts and chicken. It was quite tasty and actually quite light.

Unfortunately because there were so many of us, a small group of us were at a smaller table off to the side, but we had a great time chatting.

After dinner (I skipped dessert) I headed downtown for party number two! Luckily my friend lives outside of the downtown core where all the protesting and violence was happening (side note: what’s WRONG with people!) so there were no problems getting there. It was actually the easiest trek into the city I’ve had in a long time.

I got to her place around 9pm, changes (she had a 50’s theme going on) and started in on a cocktail! Once all the girls were here, we headed out to our first stop, a salsa lounge. I salsa’d!

Something you may not know about me is that I’m not coordinated. At all. And especially with someone. The first time I ever did a workout video, I was flailing around trying to keep up.

I wasn’t quite sure about dancing with a partner, but I had this guy help me out and I ended up having fun with it.
We took off after a couple hours to another club and here we really let loose! There was an empty stage calling our names and we spent a couple hours dancing. The dj played awesome tunes, including one of my faves, I think we’re alone now by TIffany. Sweet!

We literally closed down the bar, something I haven’t done in a long time. Thankfully, I stopped drinking around 11pm or so. No hangover for me! We decided we needed some eats and popped into an all night diner where I had pulled pork poutine. Very good but the pork had quite the cinnamon flavor which was odd.

Then it was home time (I stated at my friends). I didn’t sleep well, as is usual when I drink anything. I only had a few hours of sleep. But it’s all good! That’s what Sundays are for.

As soon as the other girls are up we’ll head out for some brunch and then I’ll head home. Laundry is number one on my to do list for the day.

Hope your Saturday night was as fun as mine! I ache but am feeling good šŸ™‚

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