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Friday happenings

June 25, 2010

After my hard day ‘at work’ (I managed to get a ton done!), I hopped on the elliptical for a bit, had a shower and headed out to putter. I absolutely love puttering around the shops on a Friday night. Some of my best purchases have been made that way. My putter took me to the following:

Smart Set – tried on a white dress (didn’t fit around the bosoms, oddly too big, which isn’t normally a problem I face) and a white blouse (too tight in the bosom. That’s more like it!)

Le Chateau – not quite sure why I even tried but it’s next door to Smart Set. I felt like I was 50 years old in there.

Solutions – this is my bliss, my dream store filled with organizational materials. I picked up five clear plastic bins for my new pairs of shoes. The bins keep them from getting scuffed and dusty, and because they’re clear I can tell what’s inside!

Roots – picked up a new pair of yoga pants! I’d love a pair of Lululemons, but they’re twice the price and I just can’t justify that. I have a pair of yoga pants from Roots I’ve had for years and I just love them!

The Shoe Company – I’m on the hunt for rain boots. I wasn’t a fan of the ones they had there.

La Senza – Mega sales here. A few months ago I got a cute little soft cotton nightie for like $20 that is now on for $8.50. That made me sad, so I bought a pair of pajamas made from a similar soft cotton material to make sure I got a bargain. Ha ha! Take that La Senza….oh. Wait. Damn you La Senza!

Jacob – I tried on a couple of skirts. Yikes. This is an outlet store and it’s completely hit and miss. These were a miss. Big time.

Chapters – I picked up the next in the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris, From Dead to Worse. I’ve read the first few chapters. So far, so good!

That was it. I was done after Chapters, and was starting to get hungry. But what to have for supper?? I popped into Metro and inspiration struck: pad thai. I’ve been craving it ALL week for some apparent reason, ever since having it at Hemingway’s on Tuesday. So I bought the ingredients, came home and put it together. Slight mishap with the noodles. They weren’t soft enough. They’re the kind you boil for a couple of minutes then let sit to soften and I guess I didn’t wait long enough. But once I added the pad thai sauce, I let them sit in that for a bit and they softened enough to eat. I’m very much a mushy pasta eater. Al dente is not for me.

And of course I bought dessert: Lemon Marscapone Cake. Oh my. Yes. It was stunning. Amazing. Confession: I ate like half of it (it’s a small cake, only a few inches in diameter). Tomorrow is another day to eat healthy.

Now I’m sitting watching Funny People (kind of a sad movie), which obviously isn’t enthralling because I’m writing this. It’s a lazy night, but that’s a good thing because tomorrow night I have TWO bachelorette parties. I’ll be joining one for dinner here in Pickering, then heading to my friend’s place in Toronto (not right downtown thank goodness) for a night out. Cross fingers that 1) I don’t drink too much and end up massively hungover Sunday morning and 2) I don’t make any drunken texts. That’s just a bad scene waiting to happen. Been there, done that.

I wish you all a happy weekend! OMG, I just remembered that next week is a three day week for me! It’s Canada Day Thursday and I’m taking Friday off to have an extra long weekend. Holy. Crap!

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  1. June 26, 2010 8:14 am

    Next Friday YAY!!!!!

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