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Grump Day

June 23, 2010

No, that’s not a typo. Today was Grump Day for me, not Hump Day. I just was not in a stellar mood and apologies to those who may have suffered my unintentional wrath (B, love you bunches).

It started with a not so great sleep. I couldn’t GET to sleep. That was the problem. It may have been the diet Coke at dinner (L and I went to Hemingway’s and I had the yummiest pad Thai I’m equally embarassed and proud to say I ate in its entirety). It could be just thoughts of dates past and possible dates to come. Who knows. I just didn’t sleep well.

Then I got to work and found out my plans for tonight were deferred to another time due to unforeseen weather events (which, happily have not seemed to appear yet…no tornadoes please!). I had been looking forward to a movie date with my BFF and it bummed me out a bit.

Add to that the email from my friend whose wedding I’m attending in July to see if I was still bringing my plus one, and man, my mood plummeted altogether. Ouch. I know she needs the numbers and I was contemplating whether to get in touch with her or wait a few more weeks and see if maybe I could scrounge up a date, but it was just a brutal reminder that everything I had hoped for M and I did not work out. So I’m flying solo, which isn’t a huge deal, since I know a ton of people who will be there (including my sister who is in the wedding party). I’ll have a good time. I’ll have some drinks and dance and enjoy myself.

And to round out everything, I have PMS mood swings at the moment. I’m trying to counteract them by taking calcium supplements and eating carbs. Seriously! I read that eating carbs can help some sort of hormone level balance out. Bring. Them. On. I had mac and cheese, which wasn’t the healthiest option, but that’s on the back burner right now. I’ll get back to taking care of myself on the weekend. For now? A little bit of bad eatin’ won’t hurt me. I’m not at a total loss: I bought a Green Goodness smoothie from the store tonight to inject some healthiness into my system without actually having to prepare any veggies.

I felt better after lunch. My grump lessened significantly. The weather held off, so the drive home was fine, and of course there was the excitement of the earthquake. Nothing like a natural disaster to perk me up! I LOVE disasters. They fascinate me. The whole idea that we are at the mercy of forces we can’t control is humbling. Scary, but humbling. Human beings cannot conquer everything and that’s comforting in a way. There are some things we just can’t touch.

So here I am, less grumpy, writing this while I wait for my iphone to update with the new ios4 operating system. Not all the new features will work on my phone (I have the 3G, not the 3Gs and can’t upgrade until I”ve had my phone for 24 months….16 to go!), but there may be some neat new things. I’ll tinker with it to find out! I love new gadgets 🙂

I’ve decided to definitely get in touch with A. Why not, right? I liked him, we had a good time together and he obviously wants to see me even though it’s been months (MONTHS) since we saw each other last. I know where I stand with him and I’ll know what to expect going in. I really don’t expect anything other than to enjoy his company. And I don’t see anything wrong with that! A girl likes a little attention every now and then. I’ll text him to let him know I’m free to meet up with him and then let him take it from there!

Well my back is killing me so I’ll sign off. Two more days left of the week, and only one left to actually go into the office. Working at home on Friday will be awesome! I may even pop over to my parents to work outside (they have an awesome backyard) if it’s nice out.

Ta ta kids! Have a good one!

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