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The Good, the Bad and the Worry Free

June 18, 2010

I took a chance today and asked M out. Well, technincally I suggested to him (via text of course, how else?) that if he wanted to ask me out for a date this weekend, I’d probably say yes.

I heard back from him at lunch time to tell me that he has a wedding out of town this weekend. I see this as a good and a bad statement.

The Good: I’m not wondering why he hasn’t asked me out anymore. I’m perfectly calm right now knowing the reason why we haven’t made plans. I’m going to enjoy my weekend!

The Bad: He didn’t offer up another day or time to get together. Maybe he’s unsure of his schedule, but I would have hoped that a guy who’s interested would have something in mind. However, this whole situation isn’t turning out as I’d hoped, but we’re still dating (as far as I’m concerned), and still in touch, so all is not yet lost!

The Result: I’m laying low over the weekend. I’m going to avoid my phone, not text him at all and see what happens next week. And I’m going to do it all anxiety free! Well I hope to do it anxiety free. Wish me luck with that one.

P.S. If I was getting married anytime soon, I’d wear this dress by Amsale:

Amsale - "Tyler"

What’s funny is that tonight I watched When in Rome (with yummy Josh Duhamel) and The Hangover and both women wear the exact same dress!

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