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Weekend wind-up

June 13, 2010

I’m just waiting for the 3rd season of True Blood to begin and thought I’d catch y’all up on my weekend. Nothing spectacular, I assure you, but I undertook an effort to relax and take care of myself. I’m not sure if it worked; I have a stellar headache that’s been on the go for most of today. But yesterday was quite relaxing despite feeling off today.

I woke up early Saturday morning, sadly after only 6 hours of sleep. But I was in a good mood after Friday night’s events. I sat down and watched some of Mad Men season one, doing some tidying up and cleaning in between episodes. Just before lunch I headed over to my parents to ‘grocery shop’. They’re away for the next two weeks in Newfoundland and my mom gave me the go ahead to raid the fridge. Yee haw! While I was there I worked out using Wii Fit Plus, which is so much fun I can’t even describe it! It makes working out a good time.

I came home, showered and ate lunch (a tuna melt wrap. I’m addicted to tuna lately) and then headed over to the mall to run some errands. I picked up some shower gel and bubble bath from Bath and Body Works, got another $10 sweater from the Gap and a book from Coles (Definitely Dead by Charlaine Harris, in honour of True Blood starting tonight).

By the time I got home I was hungry again and fixed myself a burger (on the indoor grill since it was quite damp outside) and some sauteed asparagus. Tasty! For dessert I had a brilliant idea while I was out and about. I was in the mood for ice cream, but if I bought a container from the store I was sure to eat the entire container this weekend (I have absoltuely no self control when it comes to ice cream). So I popped into Dairy Queen, got a small Mint Oreo Blizzard and tucked it in the freezer until after supper. S-M-R-T. Craving satisfied without over-indulging.

My evening entertainment included watching It’s Complicated, which I definitely recommend. It’s hilarious! Many laugh out loud moments. And my crush John Krazinski is in it, so there was eye candy, which was awesome considering Alec Baldwin sans clothes is not exactly awe inspiring any more. After the movie I headed up to take a bath with my new bubbles (Vanilla Noir, yummy) and read my book. I was in bed and asleep by 11:30. A good night all around!

This morning though I didn’t wake up feeling so hot. My head was bothering me. I’ve been getting email alerts almost daily from this website I signed up for alerting me of weather changes that could cause headaches. I’m really hoping that’s what it is, because I found out this afternoon that M has the flu and since I saw him Friday night, it’s entirely likely I could get whatever he has. Fingers crossed it skips over me!

So, feeling off, I watched more Mad Men, working  up the energy to tidy my room, vacuum and do some laundry. Just after lunch I headed over to my sister’s, stopping into Starbucks on my way (I’m also addicted to the reduced fat turkey bacon and egg white breakfast sandwich. So. Good.). We hung out at her place for a bit and I played with CJ, then we went over to a children’s consignment store to pick up some new toys for the munchkin. My head was really aching by the time we got home, so I headed back home myself to have a little lie down. I didn’t sleep, but managed to ease the ache a bit with some ice.

And now it’s Sunday. Another Monday awaits me tomorrow. But at least I’m not stressed about my love life as I have been the past couple of weeks. Whew! It’s definitely a relief. I have no idea where things will go, but at least we’ll get a chance. That’s all I want!

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