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The Great Water Experiment

June 8, 2010

Life goes on. Regardless of what will happen with M, I can’t neglect my well being or my health. So in that light, I introduce the Great Water Experiment.

I don’t drink enough H2O. I drink coffee and tea and will have a glass of water with my meals, but during the day? Not much else is consumed. I think it’s something that is vitally missing from my diet and I’ve been trying to rectify the situation, at least at work.

I finally received my Life Factory water bottle!

The great things about it are:

  • It’s glass, so good for the environment and it means no gross plastic or metallic tasting water.
  • It’s see through, which means I will actually drink from it
  • It holds 20 oz of water, which means I’ll endeavor to drink at least that much in a day. With a smaller glass I’m less likely to get up and keep refilling it. I’ve had 40 oz of water today!

The downside:

  • I’ve had 40 oz of water today! I’ve been going to the washroom like a mad woman. But at least it gets me moving and away from my desk 🙂
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