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Long weekend goodness

May 25, 2010

Well the long weekend is over. It’s Monday night and I’m just waiting for the Bachelorette to come on!

I had a nice, quiet, though busy weekend. Living with a baby doesn’t leave you much free time (or sleep in time!) but I had a great time with my sister and CJ!

Saturday we hit up Yorkdale with our Mom. I picked up a couple of pairs of summer pants from Smart Set. I’m trying to change up my look a bit, to be a little more professional. I am in my 30’s after all! The pants I bought were a wide leg, which I don’t normally wear, but looks quite smart on me. After the mall, we went to Ikea and I am proud to say I bought nothing there! My sister bought me a package of napkins and my mom bought me a scrub brush, but only because when we checked out I was rocking CJ to sleep in my arms and couldn’t get my wallet out. Thanks guys!

Saturday night we had a couple of friends over to my sister’s for dinner (including the bride whose groom they were celebrating in Vegas) and had a nice spread of pasta, pizza and roast veggies. One of our friends brought the most delicious Lemon Marscapone cake for dessert. Best. Thing. Ever. Since we were up early, we were in bed and asleep by 11. Not so much the partiers this long weekend!

Sunday we had thought about going to the zoo, but with such a big outing for the baby on Saturday, we decided to stick close to home. Once we got ourselves together, we popped over to my house to visit my kitty and I went grocery shopping to pick up the items I need to cook supper for my date on Tuesday 🙂

Supper on Sunday was at my mom’s (I have mentioned my dad is currently away on business…he’s back this friday! yay!) and she cooked us an awesome dinner of BBQ’d cedar planked pork chops, salad and corn on the cob. Back at my sister’s, we watched Valentine’s Day, which was cute and had lots of man candy (especially Bradley Cooper and Eric Dane), but wasn’t stellar. Definitely not one to buy on blue ray. Bed called us around 10pm and we conked out. CJ was up a couple of times in the night, and we were both tired this morning, but I got up with her and let my sister sleep in a little bit. I can entertain, cuddle, hug, sing and tickle, but I can’t feed so I eventually had to wake her up!

Today was a lazy day. My sister dyed my hair, then I headed home. I did some tidying up, laundry and cooking and then settled in to watch Avatar. I know it was nice out, but I’m tired and just wanted to relax in my air conditioned house rather than sweat away in the garden. So Avatar it was, and wow! What a great movie! I really enjoyed it, though it was a little slow getting going. The graphics were absolutely amazing!

And so here I sit, watching How I Met Your Mother (so funny), waiting for Ali to make her debut and find the love of her life. I’m really glad she decided not to take a chance on Jake. She’s too good for him. He wanted someone who would cater to his every whim and she’s not a pushover, unlike Vienna, who drools over Jake’s every move. They’re welcome to each other, while Ali finds someone who will treat her right! And yes, I know these are people I don’t know, but I feel like I have a vested interest in the outcome.

Unless something comes up , I do have a fourth date tomorrow night with M (he’s driving home from Florida today and it’s possible he may be super tired, so I”m prepared for that)! He’s coming here and I’m going to cook. On my menu: BBQ boneless chicken thighs (currently marinating), greek pasta salad (already made), grilled red peppers with balsamic drizzled over them, and home fries (a mix of white and sweet potatoes).

I’m feeling a bit nervous about seeing him, since it’s been two weeks since our last date. My mind is playing the “what ifs?”. What if our spark has died? What if he’s changed his mind about me? What if I’ve been holding on to a fantasy? I don’t have any reason to think any of these things, but the what ifs are hard to get rid of, and I know they’re a symptom of dating anxiety, so I”m trying hard not to let them drive me nuts. I’m acknowledging them, mentioning them here and am going to put them away. I’m just going to go with the flow and enjoy myself!

Oooh!! It’s starting!! Gotta run!

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