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Hump day

May 19, 2010

The yucky’s have passed, thank goodness, but they’ve been replaced by the dizzy’s. I’ve got something funky happening in my head that is causing my equilibrium to be slightly off. As I was walking from the train to my car, I noticed that if I looked down at the ground that I felt a strong compulsion to walk to the right. Looking up the world was completely off kilter. Such a weird feeling!

The problem is my sinuses pushing against my eardrums. I’ve suspected that this may be the cause of my nausea the past few days. This kind of confirms it. So I took an allergy pill to help clear things out and will hope for the best!

In other news, I had an email from M this morning! Yay! That made me feel good. I know I wasn’t worried about it, but it’s nice to know he was thinking of me. So that’s good 🙂

I’m heading off to bed soon. Things are still a little wonky in my head and I want to have a bath and then lie down. Tomorrow night I’m heading to stay with my sister for the long weekend, while her hubby is in Vegas for a bachelor party. There’s talk of a trip to the zoo with my niece, and I’m also hoping to head to Yorkdale (I need those summer pants) and to Ikea with my Mom. My dad is still in Puerto Rico on business (it’s been three weeks now, and thank goodness he came home for a visit last weekend and missed the earthquake! Fingers crossed there isn’t another one), so it’s up to us to keep her company, which we are of course thrilled to do! It’s still novel having my parents close by and it’s been over a year since they moved back.

So I hope you have a great night!

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