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The yucky’s

May 18, 2010

Last week was the ho hums, this week the yucky’s.

I’m not feeling well. I’ve been feeling sick to my stomach the past few days and it’s not fun. I’m hoping it’s just a bug, but it’s taking a toll! My good mood from the past couple of weeks has been upsurped by nausea. Yuck. And no, I”m not preggers. Not even remotely possible, unless it’s the immaculate conception! That kind of action hasn’t been seen by me in months.

B and I postponed our spontaneous girls night tonight (both of us are feeling off) and I went to my sister’s instead and had dinner with her and my mom (and CJ of course, but she’s not eating pizza yet). We had a veggie pizza for dinner, which funny enough is one of the few foods I’ll eat when feeling sick. Very little can turn me off pizza! Now I’m home, watching The Office and waiting for Glee. Hopefully I can stay awake! I took a gravol earlier this afternoon to cut down my sick feelings and it’s made me tired.

I’m also wondering if perhaps stress over my love life is causing my ailments. I’m not stressed about things going sour, but nervous about things moving forward. It’s hard for me to go with the flow and not wonder about the future, but I”m trying very hard. It’s also sometimes difficult to believe that at some point some guy will love me forever. I’ve never had anyone stay interested in me beyond four months and that’s not easy to deal with. It’s also hard not to think that that could happen with M.

I’m totally getting ahead of myself, I know. We haven’t even had our fourth date yet, and so far things are awesome! If I was to read one of my dating books, I would recognize that I’m in the Uncertainty stage, or just letting my Female Dating Anxiety Syndrome get the better of me. I just have to relax, breathe and trust in him. Focus on the positive, not the negative and remove any trace of my past experiences from clouding what could possibly be an amazing thing with an amazing guy.

I’m going to lie down now. Thinking. Too. Much. Brain. Hurts.

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