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The ho-hums

May 13, 2010

I feel ho-hum today. I have no reason to feel ho-hum, so I can only conclude that it’s a hormonally induced ho-hum. I lack the energy and motivation to do very much of anything, and luckily my busy work week has ebbed today and all our physical labour is done.

I ache.

Thankfully, it’s massage day! I get monthly massage therapy for my neck pain (benefits rock!), and this month’s is quite timely considering the lifting etc. I’ve been doing the past few days. I’m definitely feeling the strain.

The ho-hums slightly improved after a cookie from Starbucks (ginger molasses, yum!), but they’re still there. Maybe it’s weather related too. Our usual May weather is not exactly at it’s best. I’ve actually been wearing gloves the past couple of days 😦

Well, tomorrow is Friday, so that’s something to look forward to. And I have L coming out to the ‘Jax to stay for a girls night, so that’s fun too. Saturday is a Jack and Jill for some friends getting married this summer, so I have a jam-packed weekend ahead of me! It’ll be good to keep busy though. Keep my mind occupied from thinking about other things…other man-related things. Such things are going well, but I can’t help but think about them!

So I hope to rid myself of the ho-hums by tomorrow and be fresh and ready for a weekend of fun!

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