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Earth to C! Come in C!

May 10, 2010

Here’s a bizzare and unknown concept: To like a guy, and wow! To have him like you back. But wait, not only does he appear to like you, he actually says, outloud (in a text) that he’s into you!

Am I on a different planet?

Things are going really well with M. I’ve been on a natural high since last week. We’ve only had two dates (our third is tomorrow!), so I’m trying not to overanalyze or project what might happen, but I’m very much enoying myself! This is what dating should be like. You’re excited and scared, nervous and happy. You’re into each other, exploring to determine if a relationship is in the cards. No promises are made and you take your time moving forward. I’m ACTUALLY having a good time.

I feel like I”m finally in a good place to date. And I’m happy! Go figure!

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