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My Crazy Yesterday

May 6, 2010

Aside from my great date last night,  I had a pretty dramatic commute home. Well, dramatic for me.

I needed to be home early to pick up my car from the dealer (she’s fine, just a check up). So I planned to get the 4:10 GO train on the Lakeshore East line. I left work early, all happy and in a good mood. Since I would be home early, I could go see CJ swimming, have dinner with my family and then meet up with M for our date. Super! Ya ha. Didn’t quite work out the way  I had planned because I GOT ON THE WRONG TRAIN!!!

Me. Super organized, always knowing where she’s going girl who’s been taking the GO for NINE years and never, EVER, made a wrong turn or misstep with the schedule. Never. Ever.

The problem was that there is also a 4:10 train traveling westbound on the Lakeshore, and my eyes in their lack of 20/20’ness did not distinguish the west and the east on the platform board. And since the train was departing on a track that regularly travels eastbound during the day, and since I don’t really pay attention to the announcers on the train anymore, since I’m so used to what they say, I didn’t notice anything was wrong until I noticed we were moving in the wrong direction.

Oh C.

To make matters worse, it was an express to Clarkson (in Mississauga), meaning there were no stops until then. I had peace for a little bit after checking the schedules, realizing that there was an east bound train leaving Clarkson 5 min after it was scheduled to arrive, but the fates were against me and we arrived only to see the east bound train leaving the station. Grr. A phone call to my sister determined that the next train wouldn’t be until 5:06, and a quick calculation determined I wouldn’t pull into the Ajax station until 6:30. Two hours later than I had originally planned.

My anger stirred and I tried so hard not to cry (I don’t necessarily deal well with sudden changes that affect my plans, especially when I felt so stupid about it). I talked to my sister and had a running text exchange with B, and they tried to soothe me but it was a little difficult. My sister had to stop talking to me, as she could sense I was going to blow. Then (yes, there was a then), the next problem happened. B had just texted me saying what else could go wrong? when I looked up and the ticket checker was heading towards me. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? I hadn’t gotten a ticket for the ride back into Toronto, because I didn’t want to pay another six bucks. She walked over and asked for my ticket. “I don’t have one” I said. “Why not?” she replied and then I started gushing about how I’d taken the wrong train and was so frazzled I didn’t think about the whole ticket thing etc. etc. She asked to see my ticket to Ajax, was satisfied that a genuine mistake had been made and said that if it happens again, to notify the attendant and they would tell the ticket people I was riding legit. Finally, something went right!

But wait! I still had to pick up my car. But the dealer closes at six…or so I thought. Luckily, they were open until eight. Whew. AND since I had to somehow make my way to the dealer, and my original plan to walk over was thwarted by the rain, they happily sent their courtesy van to pick me up.

Now I could breathe a sigh of relief. I wasn’t going to make it to swimming or to my sister’s for dinner, but I could go home, relax a bit and shower before my date. And as I posted yesterday, things went really well with my date.

Seriously though. Talk about my limits being tested!

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  1. May 6, 2010 2:39 pm

    Oh C! I totally feel for you. That is beyond frustrating. But at least your date went well! I’m glad to hear that 🙂

    • According To C permalink*
      May 6, 2010 2:55 pm

      Thanks hon! It was a very up and down sort of day 🙂

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