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How is it almost MAY????

April 28, 2010

May is a bittersweet month. There are good and bad things about this coming May:

Good: several of my peeps have b-days (happy almost b-day to M, M, S and A)

Bad: The year is almost half over, which means it’s almost halfway to my next birthday

Good: May 2-4 weekend! Whee!

Bad: TV shows are ending for the season. Boo! Bones (May 20), Grey’s Anatomy (May 20), Vampire Diaries (May 13), and Glee (though not until June 3, but still. It’s sad).

Good: The weather is improving, getting warmer and sunnier and the days are getting longer!!

Bad: SUPER busy at work. Super busy.

Good: At some point my sister in-law-in-law (My sister’s husband’s sister in-law, but we’ve created our own term for our relationship) will have a brand new baby boy!

Gonna be a crazy month!

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