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“Where y’at?”

April 27, 2010


I was supposed to be back to work yesterday, but I was way too tired from traveling (I swear, I need vacations from my vacations) and decided I needed a day to re-group, so I took an extra day to get myself organized. I slept in, visited my sister and CJ, bought much needed groceries (all healthy) and went to my parents to pick up my kitty.

Pictures from my New Orleans trip are now on Facebook, for those of you with access. California pics will be up soon!

I loved being away, but it’s great to be home! My own bed, my own stuff, my complete wardrobe…My closet was excited to see our new additions: five pairs of shoes, a pair of jeans, a few tops and some items from Victoria’s Secret. I think they’ll all get along swimmingly!

Also purchased was Season one of 30 Rock and Season one of Mad Men. I think these will be perfect to work out to! I really need to get back on the healthy wagon. I loved being away and eating all the yummy food I did, but the five pounds I packed on were the penalty. But that’s the fun of being away, and  I think that just getting back into my normal eating and work out routine will get me back to my previous form toute suite, so I’m not overly worried.

It’s not only the healthy train I need to get back on. It’s time to really get back on the dating train! Yes, I was dabbling before I left, but now it’s time to get serious.  I’ve already sent a message to a guy I was chatting with before I went away to see if he still wants to get together. And I’ve been investigating speed dating. I may need to wait a couple of pay days before I can do that though. My poor VISA took a beating while I was gone, and she needs to recover, poor thing. She’s going to be going back in her drawer 😦 It was good seeing you old friend!

I’m going to put up some new pics, revamp my profile a bit and see what happens. I think for now I’ll focus just on Lavalife, Plenty of Fish and Yahoo Personals. The other sites are just too particular and require you to have a subscription to even view images. I also have an aversion to after the whole ‘can you send me food to Africa’ business. Honestly.

I’m already thinking about my next vacation though. I think a trip to Newfoundland is in order. It’s my relaxation destination 🙂

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