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A Day for Me

April 22, 2010

I declared today to be a day of rest and relaxation. I’ve been literally on the go since last Thursday, and though it’s been a fabulous journey, I’m pooped.

Yesterday afternoon I shopped my ass off. My VISA was smokin’ by the end of the day! M dropped me off at the Glendale Galleria at lunchtime and as I’d yet to have lunch, I popped into this cute little place and had the biggest Quesadilla I’ve ever had! I only ate half of it, bringing the rest home to have for lunch today (just as good reheated). After eating, I headed into Nordstrom. They carry the sneakers I’ve been wanting, by Simple Shoes. I could order them online, but in Canada they cost $100; here they’re $60. Where’s the fairness in that??? I did end up buying a pair, though not the colour I had wanted. Mine are white with blue polka dot laces. So cute!

After Nordstrom I started wandering the mall and bought the following: jeans from Lucky Brand and bras and undies from Victoria’s Secret. Their bras rock but they’ve yet to open one in Toronto. They are opening up a 15,000 sq ft store in Edmonton this summer…why there I have no idea! So I stocked up in case it takes awhile for it to come to my neck of the woods.

M had told me about this little outdoor mall, the Americana, so I headed outside for some fresh air. It was spitting a little bit with rain, but it felt good to be out. I wandered the shops at the Americana (more upscale and expensive) and picked up 30 Rock Season one and Mad Men Season One from Barnes and Noble (both %40 off and already cheaper than at home).

By that point I was feeling a little pekish, so I stopped into the Cheesecake factory for some refreshment (read: sugar). After a cup of coffee and a slice of the most magnificent White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cheesecake I’ve ever had, I was ready to get back out there!

I meandered down to the Rite Aid where I picked up my favourite Neutrogena make up necessities: eye shadows, concealers, powders. Their products are very light and are effective without making me feel all goopy. By the time I left Rite Aid it was raining pretty hard. I popped into a few stores just to browse but didn’t get anything (you may be interested to know that Lululemon yoga pants are exactly the same price here as in Canada). And then I found the bargain of a lifetime! In this store called Lara, I found a lovely wool fall jacket, a black, turquoise and camel plaid with 3/4 length bell sleeves and a belt around the waist, for $25. How amazing is that!!! $25???? That’s crazy amazing! I can’t wait to wear it.

Then I was done. I was laden with bags and stopped at the local coffee shop for a cuppa joe while I waited for M to pick me up. I shopped for four hours.

After being collected, we headed off to a little cafe near where M had an evening appointment with a client. We had a quick meal (I had the BIGGEST salad EVER with breaded goat cheese rounds) and then she headed off while I settled in with my book to wait.

She was done at eight, and we headed back home, where cupcakes awaited us. We had picked them up the other day, but hadn’t surcumbed to their sweet lure yet. We shared three different kinds: Lemon, Sweet Potato and Red Velvet. Heaven. And way too much sugar yesterday. I was very careful today.

After that, it was off to bed for me, and I slept until 9:30 this morning! As I said, I wasn’t in a hurry to do anything today. I got up, had a breakfast of Trader Joe blueberry oatmeal (have I mentioned how I wish we had a Trader Joe’s in Canada??? Best food ever, and it’s organic and healthy and inexpensive!), then read for a bit. Around 11 I decided to go for a walk. M’s neighbourhood is very nice, safe and quiet. And hilly. Holy God, the hills are alive here man! I huffed it up and down for nearly an hour. It was so pretty, with everything so green and in bloom and luckily I took my camera (pics soon, I promise!).

I ate lunch, had a shower, then settled in to finish up Grave Goods, the third in the Mistress of the Art of Death series by Ariana Franklin (I finished the second on the plane the other day). I’m going to have to pick up a book to read on the trip home!

And now M is home. We’re going to make dinner, then we’re heading off to a place called the Melting Pot (specialize in fondue) to meet up with E, and then E and I are heading to Newport Beach! Thankfully, the rainy weather has cleared up (blue skies right now) and it’s supposed to be sunny the rest of my time here. Yay!

I’ll sign off for now. I’ll hopefully check in again tomorrow! Have a great night all!

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