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Favourite NOLA moments

April 20, 2010

1. Guy advising us that we can drink in the streets as long as you don’t do three things: drink from a can, pee in public or puke on a cop. Excellent advice sir, oh and thanks for the tip that booze are cheaper the further you get from the quarter.

2. Exclamation from a cashier on seeing my Canadian twenty dollar bill: oh that’s some of that overseas money

3. Being hit on at cafe beignet. Thank you gentlemen!

4. B waking up at 7:30 thinking it was 8:30 and me not realizing she didn’t know until we were at breakfast and she exclaimed how it was 9:30 and we had loads of time to make our tour. It was 8:30.

5. Being carded at the casino. The girl could not believe how excited we were to show our ID

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