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On my mind…

April 13, 2010

I couldn’t get to sleep last night. My mind was whirling! Here are some of the topics it covered:


I totally copped out and emailed Nibble #2 instead of calling. I just couldn’t do it and didn’t want the stress to eat away at me. He’s responded, but I haven’t read the message yet (can’t while I’m at work).


I’ve seen two commercials lately that have made me laugh out loud

Kids stuff

Anyone remember the Barbapapa’s? The family that could change their shape? I loved them when I was little. OOH, and The Littles. They were awesome!


I can trace my part of my ancestry pretty far back, thanks to my great x6 grandmother being the illegitimate daughter of an Earl. Those aristocratic folk were nothing if not diligent about keeping track of their lineage. But last night I watched part of a documentary on The National Geographic Channel about tracking your roots back to where we originated in Africa 200,000 years ago! So amazing. It’s called the Genographic Project, and we can actually participate for $99.95 (US of course). Maybe someday…it would be neat to see what path my ancient peeps took to get to England.


1.5 sleeps! I’m packed and just have to toss in my toiletries. I’m probably bringing too much, even though I’ll be able to do laundry at my friend’s in L.A., but I like having options. I hate wearing the same thing more than once in a week.

I’m heading to my parents tonight to spend time with them, my sister and CJ. We chose my parents because my kitty is there and I miss her. I need a little kitty love before I go away. Yes, I’ll be like the woman in the commercial.


Who else is super excited that Glee starts up again tonight??!! Yesterday I saw some people on the subway wearing Glee shirts advertising the start date (TODAY!!) and I thought for sure they were going to burst into a spontaneous/planned dance sequence right there. But sadly, they did not. It’s my dream to be a part of that one day, like in Vancouver during the Olympics:

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