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Back in the Game!

April 9, 2010

Not that I was really out of the game. Or if I was it was completely by choice. But I’m back and I have a date tomorrow night!

Conversation with Nibble #2 went really well. He’s very soft spoken, but conversation didn’t really lag and we seem to have lots in common. We talked for over an hour (close to an hour and a half) and then he subtly asked me out. So cute. In a round about way he asked me to go out tomorrow night, and he already had a place in mind….the Science Centre!! Now for some women, that might not be an acceptable date location, but I LOVE it! I loved the Science Centre as a kid, and I love cheesy fun stuff like that as an adult. Plus, the Harry Potter exhibit is on right now (it’s open until midnight tomorrow night), and I’m very much a fan of that series. More than anything, though, I like that he had a place in mind already. So often guys are like ‘wherever you want to go is fine with me’, even for the first date. But I like a guy who has a plan. It means he’s put thought into meeting me. Women are attracted to stuff like that. Well, this woman is, that’s for sure.

So wish me luck, and I will of course, provide you with an update on Sunday.

Now, what to wear?????

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