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Nibbles are biting

April 7, 2010

I had a yummy meal at Alice Fazooli’s with L. Fettucine Primavera, chased with Marscapone Cheesecake (we shared, like good girls). Yum.

And now onto the man update:

Nibble 1 – he’s 39, lives in Newmarket, is not a man of many words but his words are meaningful and grammatically correct. He suggested we get together sometime. Our timing is a bit off, because he’s away on business next week and I leave for the States next Thursday for over a week. I suggested maybe grabbing a coffee this weekend, but that if that didn’t work I’d be happy to get together when I’m back. I gave him my number, so we’ll see.

Nibble 2 – he’s 31, lives in Whitby and is very much a wordy man, just like me! He actually sent me a reference link to a site concerning something we’d been discussing. What’s funny about that is that the ads on the site said “Plenty of Fish user: did a hot guy message you today?”. Haha! He didn’t mention getting together, but as this is our third email exchange, I decided to take the chance and gave him my number and suggested maybe getting together. Again, we’ll see.

I’m not inclined towards one or the other at this point. They’re both nice looking, they both use complete sentences, they both seem decent, and they’re both over 6ft. The real test will be how we do in person, whether there’s chemistry there or not.

Only time will tell, and as I mentioned earlier (see post below), I’m willing to take that time!


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