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PDA and me

March 30, 2010

I’m a hypocrite when it comes to the topic of PDA.
I’ve been known to indulge in PDA when I’m dating someone. I’ve been the person others want to tell to get a room. Most recently this was with A, but it’s happened before.
Example: the most whorish I’ve ever been was years ago when I made out quite publicly with a guy I’d met only five minutes before. I blame whisky.

But when I’m not dating someone? Ew. Get. A. Room. No one needs to see that! Of course I think it’s sweet to see when I’m involved withe someone. Makes me all warm and fuzzy. As a single girl? Not so much. It just further enhances what’s missing in my life.

Sadly, I can’t live my single life with blinders on. I have to just plow through those nasty reminders and remember that someday soon I’ll have someone with whom I can engage in PDA until the cows come home…or will I?
The next time I’m thinking about participating in a little PDA, I’m going to think about the possible single people who may be watching!

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