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Just an idea

March 29, 2010

I’m working on a theory.

In the interest of exploring me during my dating hiatus, I’ve been thinking about why my dating and relationship experiences have completely sucked. Part of the problem is my own issues, but I’ve been working on those and I’m definitely improving. No, I think the real issue is the concept of balance.

I’ve had a great life. Everything in my life has worked out exactly as I wanted it to, with the exception of my love life. My family is amazing, and I’m often asked to share my parents because they are so fabulous. I had an easy time in school, never struggling and always getting decent grades. I sailed through university, confident in where I wanted to end up, and when I decided to switch careers, I easily made the transition. I’ve had a great job for 7 years, a job I started as an intern, replacing my supervisor at the end of my internship when she left. I never even had an interview.

This isn’t bragging, it’s just fact. And the fact is that in the entire time all these fabulous things have happened, I have never gotten what I wanted in my love life. I know what I want, but seem to have difficulty finding it. Which brings me to my theory: Balance is important in life, and no one has an easy ride. Perhaps this is the universe’s way of making me humble and thankful, because there is absolutely no doubt that when I’m sad and depressed about being alone, I always remember the good that I have in my life. If I haven’t had the negative, would I be able to recognize the positive or recognize it when it finally comes my way? Would I be a selfish woman who believes she’s entitled and take things for granted?

Just something I’ve been thinking about….

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