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Where did the weekend go?

March 28, 2010

Whew. Pooped! It’s been a busy weekend.

Yesterday morning I got up and did some major relaxing. I made breakfast, ate and drank my tea while watching Interview with a Vampire. Early Brad. Yum. I got off my butt after an hour or so and made my way to the gym (my basement) to work out. I did time on the elliptical, listening to tunes to keep me going. New favourite song to work out to: Born to Be My Baby by Bon Jovi.

I showered and got dressed to head over to my parents around lunchtime. Two of my many aunts (my dad has four sisters, plus the wives of his three brothers, plus the wife of my mom’s brother….does that make 8?) are visiting from Newfoundland, and they stayed at my parents this weekend. I hung out there for a bit before heading up to the Oshawa mall. My intention was to buy basic t-shirts. Those were definitely a need I discovered after my great clear out a few weeks ago. I ended up with five (awesome deals on right now at Smart Set and Old Navy), but also picked up a new jacket, a scarf and a cute cardigan. Not needs, but definitely ‘come in handy’s’.

After shopping I headed home to change and get ready to make the long trek over to my friend’s house. She lives a whopping 60 seconds from my front door. Literally, it takes me a minute to walk to her house, since she’s just around the corner! Another friend met us there and we spent the evening eating bad things, chatting and watching TV. No better way to spend a Saturday night than with your girlfriends! Well, no better way when you’re on dating hiatus, as I am.

I woke up this morning and got ready for B to arrive. She volunteered to come and help me finish up my wall frames, and her help was very much appreciated! Together we puttied in the nail gun holes, of which there were many. After we finished we ate a super yummy lunch. B brought a curried lentil soup she made, and we nonched on that along with some naan bread I picked up from the store. It was so tasty, and she very kindly brought me enough to have lunch tomorrow. I will never starve as long as B is in my life! I love how she feeds me.

After she left, I settled down on the floor to put the final coat of paint on the wall frames. It took me an hour, and I just now had to take Tylenol because my knees are aching from being down on the floor, but they walls are finally finished and look amazing! My dad popped over to help me put my piano back in place, and my dining room is finally back to normal. I love it! I have a couple of painting jobs left to do before my house is as I want it, but the major jobs are done…..though I was thinking I’d LOVE crown moulding…..maybe next year 🙂

I headed over to my parents again, this time for dinner. My aunts were still there, along with my cousin. Joining us were my sister, brother-in-law and CJ, as well as my dad’s cousin, her husband and my great aunt. Kind of neat to have four generations of aunts and nieces in one place. We had a very tasty roast, riced potatoes, mashed carrots and turnips, broccoli cauliflower bake and for dessert? Texas brownies, strawberries and vanilla ice cream. Have I mentioned lately how much I love having my parents live close by? What did I eat the 7 years they were living out east???

And now I’m doing some last minute relaxing before heading off to bed. I just finished watching Away We Go (with my dream guy, John Krasinski) and did my weights. I’m trying to alternate workouts. Yesterday was the elliptical, today upper body weights. I keep them on the coffee table in my living room, so I can just grab them while I watch a show. If they’re in my sight, I’ll use them.

I ate really well last week, keeping with my hiatus resolution to focus on my health, but this weekend was a bit of a bust. I confess to just finishing off a bag of Bridge Mixture, which is my most favourite treat in the world! So many flavours! The jelly ones are my fave. But it’s back to heatlhy eating tomorrow, especially with Easter dinner this weekend.

Speaking of this weekend, who else is completely psyched that we get a long weekend! Lucky me, I get four days off. I can’t wait! I have a few ideas in the works, including a possible trip to the zoo (weather permitting), but otherwise, I am going to just enjoy my time off.

I hope everyone else had a great weekend! Back to the grindstone tomorrow!

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