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Uniquely me

March 24, 2010

I’m a quirky woman. I’m full of quirks, which, I think, make me an interesting person to know. Some quirks I’m fully aware of, such as:

1. I always lick the rim of a cup/glass after I drink from it. This is to catch any possible drips and keep them from running down my cup. I never noticed I did that until I noticed my sister doing it. Weird.

2. When I’m heating something in the microwave, stir it up with a spoon and put it back in to continue heating, I MUST wash the spoon in between stirrings. I will not put the spoon back in again dirty, regardless of the fact that it’s the same food. The thought of it grosses me out.

3. I avoid walking on grates if at all possible. I’m afraid of falling into the pits they cover.I’ll dance all over the sidewalk, swerving and curving around even the smallest grate opening.

4. I hate getting my face wet. Hate. It. The only time I’ll do it is to wash it. If I’m in the shower, I stand with my back to the water and will only wet my face to rinse my face wash. 10 seconds, max.

and another I just realized this morning:

5. I don’t like drinking water out of a glass/cup I can’t see through. Huh. When I go down to the kitchen at work to get a glass of water, if there are no clear glasses available, I won’t have any. No matter that there are plenty of mugs there to choose from, and I even have my own mug I use,  if it’s not clear, I won’t drink from it.

I love the unique things that make us who we are!

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