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Celebrity antics

March 22, 2010

The number of celebrities coming out of the woodwork lately who have cheated on their spouse is disgusting. What’s more disgusting is their rampant apologies and the press attention they are receiving. Sure, they are the scum of the earth, but there are innocent people invovled and I think it’s cruel for the media to zoom in on these problems.

Even more disgusting are the skanky ho’s (men and women alike) willing to acknowledge that they were the ones the celebrities cheated with. To come forward for the sake of money and completely ruin the lives of the innocent spouses is beyond selfish. I don’t even have a word for it.

As far as I know, no one’s ever cheated on me. Nor would I ever cheat. I can barely email more than one guy at a time without feeling like I’m betraying them. And we haven’t even met! It’s just not in me to do it. Being faithful and committed to one person is a blessing. It’s a privilege to have that much trust in someone and to have that trust returned. It should not be taken advantage of and should be honoured and respected. For the people who are  have love, I can’t imagine how they can possible throw it away for a good time.  Don’t they understand how lucky they are? Don’t they know there are those of us out there who want what they have more than anything in the world? It makes me sick that people don’t value what they have in their lives, that they think they should have more, regardless of the consequences.


If you have somebody in your life, make sure you treasure them. What you have is special and should never be taken for granted.

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  1. Shawna permalink
    March 23, 2010 12:33 pm

    At my dealership we have this pipe cutting tool that we nick named the ‘bobbitt’ (picture a cutter with a circular hole that a razor goes through when the handles are squeezed) and anytime a guy gets cranky with us girls over work issues, all we have to do is bring out the bobbitt and wave it around…problem solved everytime! Maybe these should be handed out with every marriage license. Just a thought…

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