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Happy Friday!

March 5, 2010

It was all I could do to get out of bed this morning. I’m pooped. Just exhausted. And my head is feeling snuffly, which could be a sign of tired (does anyone else’s nose run when they’re super sleepy? Or is it just me?). I’m hoping it’s not a cold coming on….

I haven’t been sleeping well the past few nights, with my mind racing a mile a minute. And last night was no exception, though in a good way, because I had another IM chat with C. He sent me a message just as I was getting home from my sister’s (our night), and we chatted for over an hour. He seems great, but I’m a little relieved he’s away right now and won’t be back for two weeks. How come I’m happy about that? Why wouldn’t I want to meet right away?  Because it’ll allow things to move a little slower. He seems really into me, which is awesome since I’m liking what he’s been saying. He’s open and honest and he told me straight out he thinks we’re a good fit.  But I think back to a year ago with S saying similar things and I just want to take my time and I told him as much. I know that dating requires a leap of faith and you have to trust, but the last time I did that I got my heart stomped on when S said things he didn’t mean (or rather he thought he meant them but turns out he didn’t). So yes, I’ll trust, but  I have to be cautious. We’ll keep in touch and then when he’s back, we’ll meet. There may not be chemistry, who knows? Maybe we’re just good on paper. I have to try not to build it up based on emails and IM conversations.

It was different with A, because communication with him was limited from the beginning. I didn’t feel the same need to take things slow, since they were moving slow on their own. In fact, I wanted to speed things up. I really have to find the right speed for me.

Slow or not, it’s a great feeling to have someone express such interest. And to feel my interest sparking in return!

In other news, my last pair of boots arrived and I think they’re a winner! I have to put an insert in one (I have one foot smaller than the other), but they look super cute. They’ll be a great pairing with skirts and leggings. I won’t be able to fit them over jeans (I have giant muscled calves), but that’s ok, I have boots already for that. With my upcoming vacation plans (buying my tickets this weekend! New Orleans and California, here I come!!), I’m also in the market for a new pair of casual runners to toot around in. I’m really loving Simple Shoes runners, but have to try them on. This is one area where support and comfort are key, if I’m going to be doing a lot of walking in them. I love the look of them, kind of like a skater sneak, and they’re eco-friendly! My friend M and I will make a trek over to a store that carries them next week for a lunchtime adventure.

This weekend I’m determined to clear out my closet and drawers. I have some shopping plans for when I’m in the US next month, and need to  de-clutter. It’s not a matter of space: I have my walk-in closet, and closets in my office and spare room, plus two dressers in my room and a third in the spare (all have clothes in them except the office closet). It’s a matter of need vs. want, simple vs. complex. I have shoes I don’t wear, bags I don’t use and an untold amount of clothing I haven’t worn in over a year (I have two drawers full of flannel pj’s. Two!!). It pains me a little getting rid of things, but it needs to be done.

Sunday I’m heading over to B’s for our annual Oscar bash! We always have a great time, and since wine will probably be consumed and the awards run late, I’ll be sleeping over at her casa. She lives north of the city, so the drive into work on Monday morning will be interesting, but well worth it to have some quality B and C time.

Other than that, I’m an open book this weekend! I hope to get out for a walk in what is supposed to be some pretty stunning weather! 10 degrees c and sunny! Fabulous.

Hope you all have a happy Friday!

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