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Hump day

March 3, 2010

You’re all shivering in anticipation, I can tell, about the status of my boots. Well. Two of the three pairs I ordered the other day have arrived. The UPS man had kindly put them on my back porch, which I thought was a nice thing to do, rather than taking them back to the depot and making me come there to pick them up. Pain in the butt. I immediately unwrapped them and tried them on. The verdict? The brown pair (with the plaid) don’t fit over my calves, so I’ll take those back for sure. The dark grey pair I’m on the fence about. They’re pretty comfortable, but the ankles are really wide. Do they think that since I wear a size 10 that I have fat legs? I’m going to have to ponder them and try them on with a few outfits, or take them with me to B’s on Sunday (for our Oscar party) and get her opinion. The beige ones should arrive today or tomorrow.

In the meantime, I’ve spied a pair of sandals from Aldo I’m coveting. I may pop over to there at lunch and try them on:

I know, it’s early in the season (we’ll probably get another dose of snow), but as previously mentioned, I have big feet, and they usually only carry one pair in my size. Plus, I’m getting excited about the fact that it’s warming up. It’s supposed to be 10 degrees this weekend! (UPDATE: Shoes were tried on, but sadly, did not look right. Stupid flat feet. Instead, I bought a pair of Jessica Simpson wedges from Capezio. Cute!)

I’m in the midst of planning an April vacation. It’s kind of last minute, but I will probably be heading down to the States. Details still need to be confirmed, but I think for sure I’m going to New Orleans. B has invited me to go along with her on her solo trip (sans family)! We travel really well together,  like to do the same things and always have a good time (party all night long!! haha. Not so much). I have another destination in mind for after that, but am still fine tuning it so won’t confirm yet.

Last night I had an invite from my sister to stop in for supper. My BIL (brother-in-law) had made a super yummy beef wellington and they had extras. So I had an unexpected mid-week visit with them and CJ. CJ was happy to see me (though I know at this point that she’s smiling at everyone, not just because it’s me) and we had a good chat. She’s at the mimic stage, trying to make the sounds I was making. It took her a few tries, but she finally got going and worked up a good chatter! I love her so much it squeezes my heart.

Have I mentioned I’m chatting with a guy online? I think I did. Anyways, we tried connecting last night to chat online, but weren’t on at the same time. I kind of like to go to bed early :-), even though I COULDN”T GET TO SLEEP (ARGH)!!!! So we’ll try again tonight.

We’ll see!

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  1. mel permalink
    March 3, 2010 9:21 pm

    I love that you update everyone on your boots!!! You are too cute! Love ya!!

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