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Men. Love.

February 23, 2010

I’ve been thinking how over the past few weeks I’ve been expressing my frustrations about men, so I thought I would take the time to would remember the things that I love about them:

  • Their unexpected sweetness
  • Their desire to protect us and keep us safe
  • The, ahem, obvious differences in our anatomy
  • They enjoy silent moments (which I also enjoy)
  • Their loyalty to their friends
  • The tenderness that can be shown during private moments
  • Their desire to provide for us
  • Their practicality (which can also be maddening, but it comes in handy!)
  • Their need to make sure that our cars run well and are tuned up
  • Random romantic gestures (like picking the olives off of pizza because they know we don’t like them)
  • How enthusiastic they get about the things they love (sports are at the top here, but at least they’re passionate!)
  • How the majority of them don’t care how much we weigh, how hairy we are or whether we wear make up or not

There. I think that’s a good start!

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