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Just keep swimming

February 22, 2010

One of my most favourite movies is Finding Nemo. It’s a sweet story, funny, the animation is awesome and it’s a source of endless quotes for me. The one that sticks with me all the time is when Dory and Nemo’s dad are gliding along, looking for clues to where Nemo could have been taken. Dory, in her amnesiac glory, starts singing “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming”.

And my life’s motto was born.

I find it a fitting reminder that when life is feeling tough, there is no choice but to keep movingĀ  forward. Man, have I done a lot of swimming in my time!

To that end, I’ve given myself a little closure on the A front. I sent him a message essentially saying that if he wants to get in touch, awesome, I’d love to hear from him, but that I’m not making the moves anymore. That’s it. If he gets in touch, super, but I’m going to keep swimming forward, with or without him. It makes me sad that things didn’t work out, but as always, I’ll move on. I’ve been through worse (have I ever!).

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