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Sunday Stuff

February 21, 2010

At the moment, I’m a sports lover and hockey fan. The olympics have inspired me to watch things I would never ordinarily watch. And I”m beginning to realize why they aren’t a part of my normal repetoire of hobbies:

The stress is going to kill me!!!!!

As I write this the CAN-USA men’s hockey game is on. The US is currently ahead by one. And my heart is racing! It doesn’t help that I just watched the Ladies Long Track 1500m Speed Skate. Ya, we won a medal (woo hoo!), but watching those last three Canadians race did a number on me. I think I stopped breathing at one point.

And now the hockey. I may pass out.

Despite my current stress, today was great. CJ was christened, and though I fudged a bit when asked about my beliefs (I believe in God, but believe that Jesus was just a really amazing man who did good things and had a powerful affect on people; we’re all children of God as far as I’m concerned, not just him), I teared up as she was being baptized, because it’s all about the love. Religion schmeligion. She will be raised by a set of parents who have outstanding moral beliefs, and supported by (I think) a pretty amazing pair of Godparents.  She has an untold number of people who love her and will all contribute to raising her into a fabulous young woman (tear). She was blessed from the moment she was born. Today just emphasized that fact.

Back at my parents house, we had a very nice spread of food. My sister and her husband had it catered, and it was very tasty! Including some tuna stuffed pita’s, which I loved. Odd, since I don’t normally eat tuna. I wasn’t feeling very social. I felt my usual PMS funk hit me this morning, and didn’t feel like egging it on by chatting with a bunch of people. So I stuck to the living room with a small group, rather than mix with the entire crowd. I did spend some quality time with CJ, changing a rather explosive diaper (up her back), and then later rocking her to sleep. Poor thing was exhausted!

I got in some Wii time before we left this morning. I’m addicted to Wii Sports Resort, in particular the Air Sports where you do an island flyover trying to find information coins. It’s slow paced, but tricky. I think I’ll ask for a Wii for Christmas. I haven’t started my list yet, but that’s definitely a contender.

It’s back to work tomorrow! And it’s supposed to snow. Those of you reading this who aren’t from Toronto may not know that we have had next to no snow this year. I haven’t been able to use my new skis! But I think we’re getting between 15-20 cm. Definitely a day to take the train. Toronto has a tendency to forget what driving in the snow is like.

Well, the first period is over. I’m going to settle in to enjoy the rest of the game. Fingers crossed!

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  1. February 21, 2010 10:36 pm

    Thanks for keeping your typing fingers at bay, but alas, it sadly didn’t matter 😦 btw, I feel exactly the way that you do about God/Jesus…

  2. According To C permalink*
    February 22, 2010 10:30 am

    It was SOOOOO sad! Good effort by our guys, but their goalie was awesome, i’ll give them that.
    Look at me all analytical of a game I never watch…My brother-in-law will be so proud!

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