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Grrrr, stay back!

February 18, 2010

I feel myself feeling angry today, about my life, and am going to refrain from posting anything I might regret.

Instead, let’s discuss the movie I saw last night: Dear John.

This wasn’t really on my must see list, but a friend of mine wanted to go, so I said sure, why not? I went armed with tissues, knowing going in that it was based on a Nicholas Sparks book. I bawled at the Notebook. Absolutely bawled. My sweater was soaked afterward. The irony there was that there were all these old ladies in the theatre and they turned around and asked if we (I saw it with B) were ok. I felt like saying, Why aren’t you crying? You’re 80! This will happen to you!!!

I digress.

The basic premise of the movie is of a couple who meet during spring break before 9/11. Savannah is a student. John in the army. They fall in love, in two weeks and immediately start planning their future together (gag – this is where the jaded part of me rises to the surface; sadly I don’t believe this can happen anymore). He heads back to the army, with one year left. Then 9/11 happens. You can imagine what happened next. He stayed on and the whole time they were writing letters to each other. (DO NOT READ THE REST OF THIS IF YOU PLAN ON SEEING THE MOVIE) And then she became a bitch. She totally dumped him, BY MAIL. Honestly. Poor guy was heartbroken. I did not enjoy her character. Oh she felt she had her reasons, but dude. Come on! The man was fighting for your country!!! Argh!! I wanted to kick her in the pants. And please, feeling you had a say in his decisions after two weeks??? Get real.

Apparently even a simple movie can’t escape my wrath today…I did not cry watching Dear John. I wonder if my sense of romance has disappeared….The only part that made me tear up was when his dad died.

It was enjoyable, but not a repeat watcher, nor a blue ray buyer. The bonus is that we got the tickets for only $6 by eating dinner at the pub next door. Dinner and a movie for $19.99. Can’t go wrong with that! I had fish and chips (with tons of tartar sauce). Tasty, but not so healthy.

I’m really happy tomorrow is Friday. I look forward to a weekend full of family fun, since it’s my niece’s christening on Sunday. There will be good food, and more importantly, good wine!

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