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February 17, 2010


I saw the tarot card reader last night. Mmm hmm. Very interesting reading. A little freaky in fact. Here’s the scoop:

L and I met up with A at Southern Accent (Bloor and Bathurst) at 7pm. They have a fun atmosphere with a distinct Cajun flair. Last night they had a prix fix menu option, and we all opted for it. To start, I had aubergine, herbed boccicini, and roast red pepper crustini. Yum!! I scarfed it down. As my main, I chose the veggie
option: acorn squash ravioli in a sage butter cream sauce and a side of crisp snap peas. Again, yum!!! Not so much Cajun, but tasty all the same. Dessert was bread pudding, and it was good, but they poured a liqueur on it and I’m not a fan of that, and didn’t eat it all.

After the appetizer, I had my reading. We started by holding the cards together and she got a sense of things with me. She started by saying I’m very serious right now (true). She saw spirit animals in the form of a porcupine and a jaguar. The porcupine suggests I need to return to innocence and trust and the jaguar can help make that happen. She then asked me if I was getting married. Um, no. She said she saw me getting married very soon. Hmmm. Then she said she saw me with someone with the name Andrew, Aiden, or another name with the letter A.


Does anyone recall my reading from last September (same psychic by the way, Kim)??? Here’s the post. She specifically mentioned someone with the letter A coming into my life and that he was my guy. And then she mentions it again??? Freaky!  I tried hard not to reveal too much at that point, but mentioned I was dating A. So we proceeded to the next phase where I ask questions while shuffling the cards and then she does a reading. She prompted me with some of the questions, like “What does A feel about me? ” and “What does the future hold with A?”. After the first question, she said he’s definitely into you but is unsure of how to handle what he’s feeling, and she said, no word of a lie, “It’s like pulling teeth with him”. He’s been like that from the beginning. I used those exact words. Weird. She said “you may have to make some of the moves”. It explains the whole communication deal. For the second question, she says she definitely sees me dating him, and also sees a  proposal and marriage. She thinks he’s my guy, and we just have to get past these hurdles.

Holy. Crap. The whole A name thing coming up again threw me. There is no WAY she could remember me. I mentioned at the end of my reading that she had told me that last time. She said that was a good sign.

Here’s what I’m taking away from this: I have no clue if he’s the one for me. But I want to find out, and this is giving me a bit of confidence to have the patience to see if it can work. I have to be careful not to let this reading make me over-enthusiastic. Errors could be made there. I have to channel my inner porcupine and jaguar and have patience and trust.

She didn’t mention anything else about my life, which I thought was interesting, since in my post from earlier this week I mentioned how I was happy about everything else in my life, and it was just my love life that caused concern. She zoomed right in on my major issue, and actually did for L and A as well. I did ask about the health of my family, and she sees overall healthiness. She said my dad may have a liver issue, but needs a cleanse and recommended drinking water with lemon in the morning (mom, take note!), and she mentioned that my mom has anxieties to work through (you’re a worrier mom! don’t worry about me!). She asked if my sister had fallen in love recently and I said no. She said it could be me she’s seeing, but afterward I thought it may have been my sister falling in love with my niece. She did say my sister would have another baby, a boy. Could she be seeing my sister-in-law? She’s having a boy this spring and is part of my extended family. Hmmm….

Anyways, overall I had a good experience with it. We’re going to go back in six months for another reading. In the meantime, I’m just going to live my life.

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  1. February 18, 2010 1:16 pm

    Shawna and I are curious. Was that the A you met up with last night, or another A.

    • According To C permalink*
      February 18, 2010 1:32 pm

      haha, another A is in my future!
      The A from last night was a girlfriend.
      anonymity gets confusing.

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