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To Valentine’s Day, with loathing

February 13, 2010

Valentine’s Day is to single women, is what sulfuric acid is to the skin: it’s an excruciating experience that eats away at you.

Those of you who would argue that it’s just another day, that it’s over-rated, have either never had a V-day alone or it’s been so long since you have that you’ve forgotten what it’s like for us single folk. To me, it’s a nagging, persistent reminder of what I don’t have.

I have never in my life had a Valentine. All my relationships have been short-lived and never lasted long enough to reach this consumer-driven day. I thought that maybe this year I would have somebody to be with, but as far as I know, A is still in BC and I’m still not quite sure what’s up with us (I’m ok with that for the moment). So yet again I find myself alone, and I’ve been having some sad moments.  But I”m an eternal optimist and try not to let the bad things get me down. Sometimes it’s hard being me.

I’m feeling better today for the first time in over a week. I’ve been exhausted, dragged down by work stress, possibly fighting a virus, and, I’ll admit, some emotional stress regarding A. So in the spirit of feeling better, I’m going to do things that make ME feel good this weekend.

Step 1 -I spent last night watching the Olympic opening ceremonies! I loved them. Canada rocks! My favourite part was the projection of the killer whales onto the floor. That was amazing. I was not a fan of the fact that all the performers lip synced, but I suppose they had their reasons. Regardless, I enjoyed a quiet night at home (after a quick baby sitting stunt at my sister’s during which CJ slept the entire time), went to bed and had a restful nights sleep.

Step 2 – After a relaxing morning, I spent part of today shopping with my sister and CJ. Our primary goal was to find outfits for CJ’s christening next weekend, but we didn’t end up finding anything. I did pick up a pair of Vancouver 2010 Olympic mittens though, the red knitted ones from HBC. Love them! They’re actually pretty warm.

Step 3 –  I made myself dinner, from scratch!! Roast Vegetable and Couscous Strudel with Goat Cheese from one of my favourite cook books by Rose Reisman. It was beyond good and I ate half of it. I also picked up some chips, pop and Easter cream eggs to eat while I begin step 4 of my ME weekend: movies

Step 4 – I’ve decided tonight is cheesy 80’s movie night. On the docket: Like Father, Like Son starring my childhood love, Kirk Cameron, Dudley Moore and Sean Astin; and My Stepmother is an Alien, starring Dan Akroyd, Kim Basinger, and a young Alison Hanigan and Seth Green.

I have no idea what tomorrow will bring for me, given that  it’s actually V-day, but I’m enjoying tonight. I’m about to dig into my treats, and am sure to suffer from a sugar coma later, but that’s better the alternative (would involve puffy red eyes).

Hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend!

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  1. February 14, 2010 2:05 pm

    Valentine’s Day sucks the big one. Solidarity sistah!

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